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American Gas Machine Company Ice Box 1930,

American Gas Machine Co. "Ice Box" 1930's

This is a late 1930's restored KampKold "Ice Box" made by American Gas Machine Company from Albert Lea, MN. It also comes with the original Bottle Opener. AGM company started in 1894 and closed its doors in 1950. This is a very scarce little Ice Box. It holds only 8 bottles of soda and weighs about 8 Lbs. 

Here is information on the history of the company:

This information is from the company brochure that they put out selling these little Ice Boxes:
Another line of products for campers and sportsmen was based on the Kampkold label. The firm’s literature said it was America’s number one portable ice box and that “Kampkold is needed by every sportsman — to take lunches, cool drinks on fishing trips and to keep fish in good condition on the way back. It refrigerates like a home icebox — container keeps ice from sides and bottom. Thoroughly insulated. Ten pounds of ice last 30 hours in 80 degree outside temperature.”

A smaller version of this product was called the Kampkold Junior and labeled as a midget ice box. It could hold up to eight beverage bottles or a good portion of a picnic lunch.

Shipping is $16.95
  • Details

    Year: 1930's
    Holds: 6 Bottles of soda
    Weight: 8 Lbs
    Company: American Gas & Machine
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